Much of Mr. Currie’s promise as a filmmaker can be attributed to his experience of having acted in over 20 feature films and 90 hours of television. From studio films such as Joel Schumacher’s Cousinsand Frank Marshall’s Alive, to the upcoming films, Highwayman for New Line and The Woods for United Artists/MGM, Gordon has always had an appreciation for directing. Along the way, Gordon’s support of the independent film movement allowed him to grow as an artist and build further experience much more integral to the collaboration of the filmmaking process with starring roles in films like Dog Park, Ripe, Left Behind, Blood n’ Donuts, Falling Through, the award winning Gary Burns film Waydowntown and with upcoming indie releases of The Pedestrian, The Happy Couple and Alice Blue, which the latter 3 films will all be in festivals this next year.

Gordon originally marked his directorial debut with the short film 2 EXTRA DAYS, which he also Co-Wrote and Executive Produced. This 20 minute film garnered some attention and was selected to screen at 11 international festivals. Since then, he has directed 2nd unit for the Warner Bros, series Code Name: Eternity and the feature film Falling Through in Europe. Within the last year Gordon directed another 20 minute short entitled,BLOCKED, which is a black comedy revealing one hapless screenwriter’s clouded mind. He also co-produced it and is currently submitting it to festivals as well. The great experience he had with the making of Blocked manifested the beginning of a new-found creative collaboration with his filmmaking partner Andrew Kenneth Martin, who starred in that film. Together, they have since joined forces on the hard edged and hilarious feature film entitledMAGNUS OPUS, where they take the audience on a journey which explores, and pokes fun at, the nature of art.

Currently, Gordon lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children, defrosting and enjoying life in the sunshine.



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